Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Who We Are

The Innovations in Health (IH) clinic staff are proud to provide our patients with a unique medically supervised weight management program. Our program is designed to help you feel better, increase energy levels, and achieve weight loss goals fast.

What We Do

Our staff will be there to guide you on your personalized journey toward a healthier life. We will teach you how to make lifelong dietary changes starting with the food choices you make every day. We will work together to create a simple, straight-forward dietary plan tailored for your needs. Each week we support your health and wellness goals by providing you with:

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Dietary Counseling
  • Fitness Education
  • Vitamin B Injections
  • Medication & Supplements

    weightloss before and after
    Actual Innovations in Health Weight Loss Patient

Why Choose Us:

Unlike other weight loss programs, we pride ourselves on being free of mandatory, for-sale, pre-packaged foods/meals and allow you to choose the foods that you actually enjoy eating!

Let today be the start of something new, schedule your first visit with us now. Call our clinic at 361-488-8118 or sign-up with the front desk staff at our Corpus Christi, TX location.