Dr. Zishan Hirani

Dr. Zishan A. Hirani MD, MS

Dr. Zishan A. Hirani MD, MS is our newest obstetrician and gynecologist at the Innovations in Health – Beeville, TX location. He is focused on community health and disease prevention.

Growing up in a very disadvantaged community, Dr. Hirani saw how the lack of access to healthcare and the role it plays in keeping people in poverty is a detriment to this country. He hopes to have a role in changing that by also treating the whole patient and not just the physical needs.

Dr. Hirani received his medical school training from UT Southwestern Medical Center. He may accept medicare through third-party reassignment and also may prescribe medicare part D drugs.

If you’re in need of a reputable and personable ObGyn, Beeville, TX residents rely on the professional and caring staff at Innovations in Women’s Health.

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